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[eta](MRoM) = 1 - tanh(nL/t)/nL/t [therefore]n = [square root of ([G.sub.P][V.sub.f]/[Y.sub.F](1 - [V.sub.f]))].
Advertising is a communicative manifestation integrated to the area of consumerism and social values transactions whereby the need to produce a consumerism ideology is vital for industry or, in Mrom's words, "how advertisement has manipulated us."
The predicted tensile moduli by the Halpin--Tsai, mROM, Mori-Tanaka, and Self-Consistent models are plotted as a function of fiber loadings in Figure 6.
However, the curve of MROM model shows great similarity with the experimental value.
MROM director Manuel Cuesta Morua said that the Cuba-US confrontation had "blurred" the picture of human rights in Cuba and that resolutions did not help improve human rights there.
Another composite model employs the modified rule of mixtures (MROM) proposed by Riley [9]: