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In addition, the ZLR32300 serves up 237 bytes of general-purpose RAM and 32KB of MROM, a high GPIO count (up to 32), fast executing, efficient use of memory, sophisticated interrupts, input/output bit manipulation capabilities, automated pulse, high and low voltage detection flags, two programmable timers and comes with a comprehensive suite of development tools.
These values were between the values obtained using the Halpin-Tsai and MROM equations.
5 V) ROM 256-KB Flash memory (An MROM version is under development) RAM 16 KB 8-bit timer 4+4 channels 16-bit timer 3 channels Watchdog timer 2 channels (1 also usable as real-time clock) LCD display 40 segments x 4 common lines DTMF output On-chip I2C bus interface 2 channels SCI (UART) 3 channels A/D converter 10 bits x 10 channels D/A converter 8 bits x 2 channels 32-kHz oscillator On-chip Packages QFP-100 TQFP-100 TQFP-100 (14 mm x 14 mm, (14 mm x 14 mm, (12 mm x 12 mm, 0.
This is significant, as all other foundry-based alternatives require removing the flash block and replacing it with an MROM block.
ROM RAM H8/3802 OTP HD6473802H 16Kbyte 1Kbyte H8/3802 MROM HD6433802H 16Kbyte 1Kbyte Model Price Quantity Package Availability H8/3802 OTP $6.