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Som, "Viscosity reduction of latex using NR-based processing aids, " Malaysian Rubber Technology Development (MRTD), 2011.
In this paper, the spectral-FDTD (SFDTD) technique is applied to the conventional MRTD and ADI-MRTD methods, resulting in the PS-ADI-MRTD algorithms.
MRTD chose to open Ampersand and has plans to develop more projects in Fort Worth because of the local culture and community.
The time index and the calculating efficiency of the MRTD method are generally limited by the Courant-Friedrich-Levy (CFL) stability condition.
Yang, "Simultaneously simulating the scattering properties of nonspherical aerosol particles with different sizes by the MRTD scattering model," Optics Express, vol.
Uzbekistan is actively moving towards compliance with ICAO standards, but so far they do not have the Uzbek database on issued biometric passports, Siciliano said during a MRTD regional workshop which was completed on Thursday in Tashkent.
The Multi-Resolution Time-Domain (MRTD) technique was first published in 1996 by Krumpholz and Katehi [1, 2], and has been developed rapidly as an efficient numerical algorithm in the time-domain like the long established Finite Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) technique [3-17] and other time-domain methods [18-20].
As an alternative method to the conventional FDTD [7-9] scheme, the multiresolution time domain (MRTD) [10,11] shows highly linear dispersion characteristics.
"Other measures include introduction of Advance Passenger Information, Advance Cargo Information and implementation of MRTD in time bound manner,' he added.
Al-Oufi said that recommendation will be put forth regarding the Machine Readable Travel Document (MRTD) Programme in the next three years, and the need to coordinate between the current systems to exchange the Advance Passenger Information (API) and the approved rules of transferring international data at UN agencies with the protection of the passengers privacy and their civil freedom Ends/MN/FS
Numerical methods such as finite difference time domain method (FDTD) and multi resolution time domain method (MRTD) [21, 22] have been also applied for characterization of the spiral inductors.
For saving the memory of computing, we introduce the multiresolution time-domain (MRTD) scheme to solve the MTL equations in this paper.