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Marines selected for the MSAU are typically on their second or third MSG posting and complete a minimum of three weeks of specialized training.
Additionally, MSAU Marines learn firefighting, how to survive in a collapsed structure, observation techniques and skills dealing with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards.
Alvarez, a team leader and one of the original Marines assigned to the MSAU. "We take what [the MCESG] has put out there as a baseline and we exceed it." He added that DS instructors "gave me the ability to understand what I'm doing wrong.
After the initial MSAU training, the Marines are based in Quantico, Va., where they must be continuously ready for deployment in support of Department needs.
But Cortes got off lightly compared to MSAU's treatment of one of militant secularists' favorite whipping boys: the Crusades.
While the Crusades are almost universally misrepresented, MSAU might get the award for a mangling of the truth so thorough that it's hard to know where to start.
Yet MSAU largely glosses over the Muslim conquests, instead making claims such as, "A new [Muslim] civilization reaches into Spain and builds a new city, Cordoba," which the documentary claims was, "In Europe's dark ages, a beacon of tolerance and learning." However tolerant it was, though, it appears that this learning didn't carry over to the History Channel.