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Como era de se esperar, os grupos apresentaram diferencas significativas em relacao aos escores de AnsiedadeEstado [MCIE = 58,80 ([+ or -] 7,61) e MSIE= 41,33 ([+ or -] 12,31); p< 0,0001], Ansiedade-Traco [MCIE = 55,20 ([+ or -] 9,44) e MSIE = 40,63 ([ + or -] 10,59); p< 0,0001] e Depressao [MCIE = 19,57 ([+ or -] 10,98) e MSIE = 6,63 ([+ or -] 3,62); p< 0,0001].
Example using control structures and functions <?php if (strpos ($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], 'MSIE') !== FALSE) { echo 'You are using Internet Explorer.<br />'; } ?>
MPSNet entraba al negocio de desarrollo de Intranets, paginas Web y ecommerce, mientras surgia el MSIE 4.0 que incorporaba la tecnologia de canales.
Not everyone downloads the latest version of MSIE or Netscape.
This multimillion-dollar center for MS research was set up in February 2001 and is named for the late founder of the National MS Society and the MSIE
There is an improved version which works with WIN95/98/NT/2000 with MSIE version 4/5/5.5 installed.
These topics were (1) Favicon in MSIE 5.; (2) Employee NT Client: safe from boss monitoring?
Mike has a BSEE from Penn State University and a MSIE from the University of Pittsburgh and is a graduate of the NRECA Management Internship Program.
Dwi Larso, MSIE., Ph.D., explained that President University's latest curriculum aims to encourage graduates to become professionals who excel in their respective fields, as well as to become entrepreneurs in various business fields both social and commercial, including in utilizing the technology, especially IT.
We are very excited to introduce our convenient and coordinated health services to the Ada community, said Tina Freese Decker, MHA, MSIE, FACHE, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Spectrum Health.