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C is the coefficient of a rainfall that can be obtained from the table provided by MSMA 2.
In the collection, MSMA in the field induced straighthead with symptoms of distorted florets in the partially emerged panicles and no seed set at all for the susceptible check cultivars.
edulis), no primeiro estudo (2013), as injurias ocasionadas pelos tratamentos nao superaram os 6%, sendo que as maiores intoxicacoes foram proporcionadas pelos herbicidas sethoxydim (184 g [ha.sup.-1]), fomesafen (225 g [ha.sup.-1]) e MSMA (1.422 g [ha.sup.-1]) e, novamente ao final do estudo (49 DAA), as folhas ja nao mostravam mais danos visuais (Tabela 3).
To enhance the compatibility between dye-grafted silica nanoparticles and the binder DPHA, ~6 nm silica nanoparticles were modified first with MSMA (cf.
Existe otro numero grande de herbicidas que, si bien estan registrados para usarse en cana, su utilizacion es esporadica: clomazone, atrazina, metolaclor, simazina, metribuzin, asulam, dicamba, acetoclor, MSMA, imazapir y glufosinato de amonio.
Wells B and Gilmour J (1977) Sterility in rice cultivars as influenced by MSMA rate and water management.
Algo semejante se da en Lawrence of Arabia (20), en donde se trata de ejecutar a un asesino, o a un chivo expiatorio de su msma tribu, para evitar una guerra; y en Modified Bomb (18), se tortura al hijo de un terrorista en su presencia para disuadirlo de detonar una bomba en un lugar concurrido.
Hysteresis phenomena are widely exhibiting between input and output response of smart material actuators; MSMA actuator is a new kind smart material actuator which has more advantages than other smart material actuators: rapid frequency response, high control precision, and high deformation rate [1-3], but hysteresis between its input and output displacement is a barrier which reduces the control precision and restricts the further application of MSMA actuator.
2008 MAsIII Mouse, C57BL/6 (5 Drinking oxide [male]) water Judd 1979 MSMA Mouse, P Drinking leucopus(9-10 water [[male][female]]) Paul et al.
In this study, the inorganic component comprises silica particles that are surface modified by 3-(trimethoxysilyl) propyl methacrylate (MSMA) and fluoroalkylsilane.
He was named to the position for the upcoming year at the MSMA annual meeting at Point Clear Resort and Convention Center in Mobile, Ala., June 7-10.