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(1) (Managed Service Provider) An organization that manages a customer's computer systems and networks which are either located on the customer's premises or at a third-party datacenter. MSPs offer a variety of service levels from just notifying the customer if a problem occurs to making all necessary repairs itself. MSPs may also be a source for hardware and staff for its customers.

(2) (Microsoft Solution Provider) A Microsoft certification for qualifying resellers that sell and provide training and support on Microsoft products. A certain number of employees must be Microsoft Certified Professionals.

(3) A Microsoft Paint graphics file format.

(4) A patch file in the Windows 2000 Installer system.

(5) (Multi-Tech Supervisory Protocol) A simultaneous voice and data (SVD) protocol from Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., Mounds View, MN. When a telephone handset is picked up, the modem switches to packet mode, digitizes the voice and interleaves the voice packets with the data packets. See SVD.

(6) (Media Suite Pro) A popular Macintosh-based nonlinear video editing system from Avid Technology, Inc., Tewksbury, MA.

(7) An operating system used in Fujitsu IBM-compatible mainframes.

(8) (Multiprocessing Server Pack) A utility that enables LAN Manager to utilize a computer's multiprocessing capabilities.
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Gatchalian noted that the proposed bill will allow generation companies, distribution utilities, retail electricity suppliers, or their subsidiaries or affiliates to engage in the business of MSPs, provided that a separate account is maintained for such.
CRN said MSPs are integral to the success of small and large businesses everywhere.
The study also found some specialist security services are also starting to be provided by MSPs. These include dark web activity (offered by 18% of total respondents); high-availability security operations centre (29%); automated incident response (33%); single sign-on (40%) and network usage scanning [for unusual behaviour] (49%).
That is why I have launched a proposal for a Member's Bill to restrict earnings from outside interests for MSPs (with a few sensible exceptions, such as nurses and teachers who must do a certain amount of hours to maintain their professional registration).
"There is a gap in managed services offered by MSPs today," said Dilip Pillaipakam, vice president and general manager of Infoblox's Service Provider Business.
A three-month-old Cocker Spaniel belonging to a West Scotland MSP has won the 'paw-litical' title Holyrood Dog of the Year.
Campaigning by shamed MSP Mark McDonald has been backed by former SNP colleagues.
Sarah Ahmad is a young Microsoft Student Partner from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore who was recently awarded title of MSP Hero, one out of 2 in Middle East and Africa region by Microsoft acknowledging her efforts for the IT community, Microsoft Virtual Academy certifications, technical trainings and helping out community members within and outside her university.
Today, MSPs are expected to protect their customers against
This new set of packages extends this approach to MSPs, a growing subset of IBM partners.
New Delhi, July 3 ( ANI ): The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs on Tuesday approved the Minimum Support Prices (MSPs) for 2012-13 season of Kharif crops.
These serial output ADCs provide single channel sampling rates up to 500 Msps and dual channel rates up to 250 Msps.