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Thus, the purpose of this investigation is to determine the MSY of the crab fishery in the Gulf of California by applying the catch-MSY method proposed by Martell and Froese (2012).
Posterior density distributions of r, k, and MSY for the Sinaloa crab stock are shown in Figure 2.
Not only is our MSY medium effective in promoting microbial growth, it is also more cost-effective than conventional media.
Ancak gunumuzde pediyatrik MSY calismalarinda halen vaka raporlandirma metodu, veri toplama yontemi ve yaralanma klasifikasyonu icin standart kriterler gelistirilememistir.
Comparing the BRPs of these simulated protogynous stocks with those of gonochoristie equivalents, we found that, on average, protogynous stocks could support higher FMSY and MSY when [kappa] [greater than or equal to] 0.
Ayrica komplet MSY, servikal MSY, uzamis immobilizasyon ve dehidratasyon hiperkalsemi icin risk faktorleri arasinda sayilabilir (8).
2003] (t) 2197 1084 4098 80% CI (L) 1319 524 2295 80% CI (U) 4603 4306 9379 MSY (t) 3064 5082 7220 80% CI (L) 2550 2985 5340 80% CI (U) 4475 8713 9577 Objective function 16.
It also corresponds to a TAC at MSY level and would follow the provisions of the Baltic cod management plan.
For some EU stocks at MSY, such as herring in the Irish Sea, Northern hake, Megrims in Iberian waters or plaice in the Celtic Sea TACs can be raised.
Decreases for the remaining stocks either reflect the natural fluctuations within the MSY range or are linked to the improved perception of stocks status as a result of recent data revision.
Still, three of the stocks seem to be on the path towards recovery and MSY levels.
The Fund is a registered closed-end investment company, the shares of which are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol MSY.