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This is where Muso reemerged as an important figure for Moscow.
It was along those unsurveyed borders that, two years ago, the Guatemalan army "arrested and kidnapped," in Muso's words, government officials of Belize.
Not your standard fare by any means but, quite bravely, given its city centre hotel location and home, rather leftfield, a little bit weird, wonderful and totally, completely muso.
"I used to help out in the summer holidays, so I've always been involved in some way." Muso Matt takes the reins at ICS By
"Things are either accepted as being very muso or very pop," declares Andy.
Not so much a busy week in the Aberdeen music scene as much as a busy night, as this coming Saturday features a plethora of options for the discerning muso, whether they're keen on glowsticks, double denim, cardies or all three?
A diamond on and off the stage, he was muso's muso, always ready to help new bands out .
The centre was started by Lydia Muso, 54, a former paediatric hospital worker who cared for youngsters with social problems, who was driven by a need to help orphans and physically and sexually abused children, and began taking them into her own home in 2001.
It was snapped up by 47-year-old Birmingham 'muso' Martin Ratcliffe, who performs with the semi-professional Kim Marklew Band.
We just wanted to make music and make enough money to support ourselves,'' explained Aaron, who together with his best friend of the last 10 years Paul Butler the self-confessed muso anorak and multi-instrumentalist, makes up driving force behind The Bees.
For ages the pretentious - er, sorry that's knowledgable - scribes of the London muso media have poked fun at The Levs' support of New Age travellers, all things green and their support of causes such as the battle against the Criminal Justice Act.
MUSO SPICE: Matt Rowe, the top- pop songwriter, who's also penned hits for Take That.