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(1) (Machine Vision System) See computer vision.

(2) (Multiple Virtual Storage) Introduced in 1974, the primary operating system used with IBM mainframes (the others were VM, DOS/VSE and TPF). MVS is a batch processing-oriented operating system that manages large amounts of memory and disk space. Online operations are provided with CICS, TSO and other system software. MVS was enhanced many times with new functions and new names as follows.

MVS/Extended Architecture
MVS/XA manages the enhancements introduced in 1981 with IBM's 370/XA architecture, including 2GB of virtual memory.

MVS/Enterprise Systems Architecture
MVS/ESA manages the enhancements made to large scale mainframes, including 16TB of virtual memory, introduced in 1988 with IBM's ESA/370 architecture. MVS/ESA ran on all models of the System/390 ES/9000 product line introduced in 1990.

In 1996, MVS/ESA was packaged with an extensive set of utilities that was renamed OS/390. The name MVS was still used to refer to the base control program in OS/390. See OS/390.

In 2000, z/OS was introduced with the 64-bit zSeries mainframes. See z/OS and IBM Z.
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Mike Thompson of the Anglesey branch of the MVS, which is the only Welsh-speaking branch in the UK, said: "We have 57 members and are the only MVS branch in North Wales.
As the polymer melt flows across the MVS, as shown in Fig.
Of the virtual learners taking courses, those taking courses through MVS had a passed/completed rate of 72%, while cyber schools had a rate of 54%, and local districts rate was 57%.
"I joined the MVS 25 years ago when the Royal Naval Auxiliary Service was disbanded" he said.
Established in September 2017, Innovatus Imaging is the result of the combined expertise of three former companies:Bayer MVS, Wetsco Inc and MD MedTech.
In conclusion, we have demonstrated for the first time that mesenchymal stem cells isolated from small testis biopsies are positive for AP expression and are able to secrete MVs that can be successfully taken up by renal cells.
The EMG signals in the 50% MVS task were normalized by the maximum value in the corresponding MVS task according to equation (2).
"The creation of Innovatus Imaging through the acquisitions of MVS, Wetsco, and MDMT gives us the scale and synergies to succeed in a market that is projected to grow by double-digit figures over the next five years as healthcare providers are asked to do more with less and extend the life of costly medical devices through repair and servicing," said Steven H.
The fund also has reached a definitive agreement to acquire the European operations of MVS, based in Maastricht, the Netherlands.
At each control instant k, P&S block, based on a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, supplies updated MVs, DVs, and CVs measurements (u(k - 1), d(k - 1), y(k)).