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an ancient southern Arabian tribe and kingdom that occupied the northern part of the present-day Yemen Arab Republic.

The earliest written records of the Minaean kingdom date from the sixth and fifth centuries B.C. The Minaean capital was originally Yathil (present-day Beraqish); the capital was later transferred to Qarnau (present-day Main). The Minaean kingdom had an early class society; the priesthood and tribal aristocracy played an important role in government.

The Minaeans flourished as middlemen in the incense trade. They controlled trade routes through Arabia; from the fourth through the second century B.C., a large Minaean colony existed at Dedan (present-day Al Ula). In the first century B.C., the Minaean kingdom came under the rule of the kings of Qataban; it was soon incorporated into the kingdom of Saba (Sheba) and later became part of Saba and the Raydan territory.

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HEBRON, Monday, July 29, 2019 (WAFA) -- Israeli forces today sealed off a road that connected Khirbet Shaab al-Butum to Ma'in village, to the south of Hebron city, said a local activist.
This includes the Intercontinental Hotel Tripoli, Six Senses Hotel Ma'in, Kempinski Aqaba and the Via Nova group.
Teams will tackle two passes through the Mahes, Palms and Baptism specials on April 26 before the action moves to two runs through the Suwayma, Rawda, Amar and Ma'in specials on Saturday.
In addition, competent bodies will start working on the infrastructure to prepare a site for a dive center near the Ma'in's dam bridge; float a tender to purchase rescue boats suited for the Red Sea; and supply the dive center with necessary equipment and recruit 200 divers.
At least six kingdoms developed here from the 12th century BC onwards, based in Ma'in, Qataban, Hadramaut, Ausan, Saba and Himyar, the most prominent was the Sabaean kingdom, which lasted for 11 centuries and was one of the most important in the Near East.
Ma'in thermal springs (48-59[degrees]C), (9) located in central Jordan, represent an interesting habitat for different lineages of thermophilic organisms as revealed by earlier studies.
They include Johor Public Works Department director Ir Mohamed Salleh Abu Bakar; Johor Biotechnology and Biodiversity Corporation (JBiotech) chief executive officer Ahmad Ma'in; Johor Bahru district officer Mohammed Ridha Abd Kadir and Batu Pahat district officer Zulkiflee Abbas.
The party from Victoria College in Amman had been visiting the popular Wadi Zarqa Ma'in tourist site.
Pokines JT, Nowell A, Bisson MS, Cordova CE, Ames CJH The functioning of a natural faunal trap in a semi-arid environment: Preliminary investigations of WZM-1, a limestone sinkhole site near Wadi Zarqa Ma'in, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
The rally reaches a conclusion with a further eight special stages on Saturday, starting with a run in the 11.74km of Suwayma at 09.14hrs and passes through Rawda (12.69km), Amar (8.55km) and Ma'in (16.91km) at 09.57hrs, 10.35hrs, and 11.23hrs, respectively.
He will also travel to the Dead Sea to visit a long-term USAID project at the Zara Ma'in water treatment center, the sole facility that provides clean water for Amman.
Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa is 45 kilometers from the capital city of Amman and 65 kilometers from the Queen Alia International Airport and a short drive to many of Jordan's major tourist attractions, including Wadi Mujib, Ma'in hot springs, Madaba - the city of Mosaics and the Baptism Site.