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, Du. Maas, river, c.560 mi (900 km) long, rising in the Langres Plateau, NE France and flowing N past Sedan (the head of navigation) and Charleville-Mézières into S Belgium. It is joined by the Sambre River at Namur.
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(Metal As AService) A cloud computing provisioning tool from Canonical that was introduced in Version 12.04 LTS of the Ubuntu operating system. Using cloud functionality, MAAS manages physical servers, including newly deployed server testing, firmware updates and performance evaluation. MAAS works with Canonical's JuJu deployment software, which supports application servers, load balancing and databases. The "metal" in the name refers to "bare metal," a computer term for hardware. See Ubuntu and bare metal.
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Our new AI-powered technology and fresh approach provides the ability to build end-to-end MaaS businesses featuring advanced analytics and automation, high security, and regulatory compliance while reducing environmental impact.
Six years after Maas was officially registered as missing in 2005, Daniel received a late night phone call from a mysterious third party and embarked on his life story of Maas.
Maas initially thought that RumChata would work well as an after-dinner drink in Mexican restaurants.
Maas said, "I am so pleased to be appointed Chair of the AJU Board of Trustees.
Maas Group has chosen to invest in Atlas Jewellery considering the trust imposed by millions in the Group, Shabbir said.
Considering the information above, the overall objective of the present study was to translate, adapt and present evidences of validity of the MAAS for the Brazilian reality, among a population from the general community, people who meditate regularly, college students and a population of tobacco smokers.
Ha 70 especies na Africa, 40 na Asia e Oceania e 50 nas Americas, das quais 32 no Brasil (DIAS, 1988; MAAS et al.
So in 2007, the Maas brothers met with Skagit County dairy farmers and dairy service businesses.
The first studies of MAAS confirmed a single factor structure through factor analyses.
Maas calculated punitive and compensatory damages for each of the plaintiffs and their lost family members.
This week, it's that of Frederica Sagor Maas, who wrote screenplays all the way back during the silent erathere were still words