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see MasaiMasai
or Maasai
, a largely nomadic pastoral people of E Africa, chiefly in Kenya and Tanzania. Cattle and sheep form the basis of the economy that they have maintained in resistance to cultural change. The Masai live off the milk, blood, and meat of their livestock.
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And we will gladly celebrate the entirely peaceful approach that he had to meeting with the native people in so many parts of the African continent, especially with the Maasai.
They're singing traditional Maasai songs," explains Nick Reding, founder and executive director of NGO S.
SAFARI, SO GOOD Rita enjoys a birthday drink in the middle of the stunning Maasai Mara, in Kenya
For, on the one hand, I located widespread discourses about land management with roots in the colonial era, as well as a degree of ignorance about the historical and ecological disenfranchisement of Maasai, suggesting historical continuity in some white rationalizations of their power.
ecological problems for the Maasai community, which depends on the
Combining methods and concepts from anthropology and tourism studies, this study seeks to understand how TanzaniaAEs Maasai tribals and Western tourists view each other when they encounter each other in tourism settings.
Johnston was far from the only 19th century African explorer to make reference to the popularity, particularly among the Maasai living in Kenya and Tanzania, of using metal wire as a raw material for jewellery-making.
By gathering and sending important supplies to the needy in Nairobi, the Green Maasai Troupe made sure they mirrored the spirit of WHD, in both thought and action.
The Idimayi Maasai primary school for children aged three to seven was founded in 2012 to battle the high level of illiteracy in the region.
According to Udoto, preliminary observations show that the rhino was "Temple" as identified by the Maasai Mara management.
Teri Gabrielsen has been named as the first of six women to be honored for her significant contribution towards the advancement of health and human rights of Maasai girls.
This project will be implemented in Loliondo Division because of its importance as habitat for Maasai pastoralists.