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see MasaiMasai
or Maasai
, a largely nomadic pastoral people of E Africa, chiefly in Kenya and Tanzania. Cattle and sheep form the basis of the economy that they have maintained in resistance to cultural change. The Masai live off the milk, blood, and meat of their livestock.
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Shared Interest has links with Namayiana project, a group of enterprising Maasai women from the Ngong region of Kenya who make and sell traditional beaded jewellery.
When he started using the drones, Goss thought they would help mainly with providing aerial footage of the landscape and tracking poachers armed with rifles and the Maasai who sometimes killed the animals when they interfere with the grazing of their cows.
It came about after a college friend told her about a trip she had taken to build a clinic in the Maasai Mara, a game reserve in Kenya named after the Maasai people, a semi-nomadic tribe and the first inhabitants of the area.
However, educational development was limited not just because of lack of resources but also sometimes due to lack of interest in Western or modern type of education by the Maasai. The negative perception the Maasai had towards Western formal education is due to the fact that they valued their indigenous education such that someone who did not pass through the traditional initiation rites and the process of socialization was considered an outcast (Kilian, 1996).
To start a mock battle during your warrior training, Laura Alessansrini of Bush Adventure suggests you try hurling one of these common Maasai insults: Go back to the womb of your mother'.
Their tour group met the Maasai at an entrance to Amboseli National Park, a gated reserve where the Maasai live.
The Maasai, a semi-nomadic people who mostly rely on herding cattle, were lagging behind in terms of development in part because of their reluctance to educate gifts, traditions such as marriage for gifts as young as 13, polygamy, and female genital mutilation.
They neglected Yaaku, a tongue from a language group called Cushitic, in favor of the Maasai's language Maa, which is radically different with roots in another group called Nilotic.
I was lucky to receive an invitation from the Kenyan Tourism Activation Authority to tour Maasai Mara along with other travel agency representatives.
Actor Edward Norton stopped by RMJM's New York City office on Tuesday to review plans for new, sustainable, healthcare facility RMJM is designing for the Kenyan Maasai community, some of whom currently walk up to 60 miles for care.
If we destroy our own culture and ways of life to construct a new one, it will initially take a thousand of years (Maasai society statement)." October 9, 2009 -- The Maasai are East African people who live in Southern part of Kenya and Northern part of Tanzania; sharing border with different indigenous communities.