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or Maasai
, a largely nomadic pastoral people of E Africa, chiefly in Kenya and Tanzania. Cattle and sheep form the basis of the economy that they have maintained in resistance to cultural change. The Masai live off the milk, blood, and meat of their livestock.
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Back in Kenya, he would be equipped with bows and arrows, ready to defend his tribe as all Maasai warriors are trained to do.
On the initial two-week trip, she befriended a Maasai chief called Winston, who told her that women couldn't become Maasai warriors because they weren't brave enough or strong enough to do what the men could do.
Konchellah, 26, is a Maasai warrior whose Kenyan village has, until recently, valued education so little that fewer than 10 percent of young people make it through high school.
Her life was to take an important turn when a local school teacher convinced her to adopt one of his pupils, a young Maasai warrior.
Reserves: Black Ocho (M), Boherduff Emmo (M), Deancroft Ace, Farloe Freedom, Galgo Descarado (M), Goodbye Susie, Hammy's Ray (M), Maasai Warrior, North Duffy, Richie's Delight, She's A Livewire, Warrior Bellona (M).
58 (450m A4): Drakeshead Jewel, Coole Lisa, Maasai Warrior, Distant Future (M), McKay's Champ (M), Mill Alberto (W).
Our driver guide to this enchanted kingdom was William Osono, a proud young Maasai warrior whose traditional red cloth Shuka robe seemed incongruous as he sat at the wheel of our four wheel drive transport.
27 (450m): Littlemiss Abby, Gloria's Boy, Maasai Warrior, Cooneen Roy (M), Fado Rock (M), Lotto Con (W).
We were introduced to Wilson, a Maasai warrior, and his friends, who also had Western names.
08 (450m): Jemma Magpie, Maasai Warrior, Auld Sagoca, Fisherman's Girl (M), Fado Rock (M), Lotto Con (W).
20 (450m): Tinker Tom, Kilmalady Crux, Maasai Warrior, Royal Beo (M), Two Black Socks (M), Bower Heidi (M).