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, Du. Maas, river, c.560 mi (900 km) long, rising in the Langres Plateau, NE France and flowing N past Sedan (the head of navigation) and Charleville-Mézières into S Belgium. It is joined by the Sambre River at Namur.
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(Metal As AService) A cloud computing provisioning tool from Canonical that was introduced in Version 12.04 LTS of the Ubuntu operating system. Using cloud functionality, MAAS manages physical servers, including newly deployed server testing, firmware updates and performance evaluation. MAAS works with Canonical's JuJu deployment software, which supports application servers, load balancing and databases. The "metal" in the name refers to "bare metal," a computer term for hardware. See Ubuntu and bare metal.
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An added benefit was that it created a new face for the hospital to communicate to the community that Clara Maass was embracing the future of healthcare.
As state presidents, Miller and Maass will lead Citizens' engagement with civic, business and community leaders across their respective States.
Last year, after responding to a complaint about wet ceiling tiles in one building, the agency went out to investigate and found rodents on top of and underneath the building - "some alive, some dead," Maass recalled.
Because the mechanical system supplying the lab area of the Otto Maass Building at McGill University in Montreal had not been renovated since 1964, the building was one of the largest energy consumers on campus.
Kabululu MS, Ojiewo C, Oluoch M and BL Maass Cowpea cultivar mixtures for stable and optimal leaf and seed yields in a maize intercropping system.
Paul Maass, ConAgra Foods president of Private Brands and Commercial Foods, commented that his company was convinced that the JV would bring benefits to customers, consumers, wheat suppliers, shareholders and employees.
The commission's research manager Alex Maass, said student deaths were so much a part of the residential school system that architectural plans for many of them included cemeteries that were laid out in advance of the building.
For those looking to climb the ladder in the legal department, Maass says women need to be more than legal experts; they also need to achieve a high level of business acumen.
As a writer for the Washington Post, Maass was often in the middle of events and his reporting creates a visceral sense of what was happening on the ground.
Architects Charles and Frederick Maass were hired to develop a design.
Kuznetsov's trace formula and the Hecke eigenvalues of Maass forms.
This is pretty monumental," Maass says, speaking to the opportunity the leaks have created for privacy rights groups like his.