Mac mini

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Mac mini

The smallest Mac desktop computer, the Mac mini weighs less than three pounds and comes in a 7.7" square case only 1.4" thick. Introduced in 2005 with PowerPC G4 processors, Intel-based units came out the following year. Like all desktop computers, a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse are required, which can be from Apple or other companies. The 2018 mini offers up to 64GB RAM, 2TB solid state storage and six 3.2 GHz processing cores. See Macintosh models and Macintosh.

A Mac Mini
Dwarfed next to Apple's 30" monitor, this 2012-vintage mini was also wired to a backup drive, keyboard, mouse, USB hub and macro keypad.

Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports
The current mini model packs a ton of expansion. The Thunderbolt ports can be used for Thunderbolt 3, DisplayPort or USB 3.2 Gen 2x1, and with adapters, Thunderbolt 2, DVI and VGA. (Image courtesy of Apple, Inc.)

Early Mac Mini
This earlier mini model had a built-in optical drive. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)

The Mini's Predecessor
In 2000, the G4 Cube was Apple's first compact Mac. Award winning in its design, the Cube was soon dropped due to overheating and other maladies. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)
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The last time Apple announced a new Mac mini was in October 2014, and it's hard to recommend a tech product that's well over three years old.
The Cashify cashback of Rs 20,000 on the exchange of old PCs and laptops for a new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini or iMac is valid till December 25, while the ICICI Bank Rs 10,000 cashback offer is valid till December 31.
0 Mac mini Edition, a new edition of its Mac server virtualisation solution optimised for Mac minis running Mac OS X server software.
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Created with the unibody construction process pioneered by Apple, the new Mac mini features a compact aluminium enclosure just 7.
Apple also suggests that Mac mini server setups are very power efficient, with each mini consuming just 11 watts when idle.
The price listed for the 8GB version of the computer model -- the Mac Mini Snow3 Leopard Server -- was even lower than the 4 GB version, which is priced at NT$34,900.
The sleek, aluminum Mac mini packs great features, versatility and value into an elegant, amazingly compact design," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing.
Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook told Reuters in an interview the company was packing more features and functions into its new iMac, MacBook and Mac Mini computers.
The Mac Mini also gets faster processors, while the entry-level Macbook boasts more power and a changed exterior design.
Arab Business Machine, Apple's representative for the Middle East, has announced the launch of the updated iMac and Mac mini desktop lines, including a 24-inch iMac.
Por otra parte, el mayorista ofrece promociones de Apple a partir del 11 de febrero y hasta el 15 de marzo: en la compra de cinco Mac Book regala un iPod Nano de 8GB, al adquirir un equipo Mac Mini agrega un combo con teclado y mouse inalambrico de Microsoft y precios especiales en el producto Mac Pro con Apple displays de 20 pulgadas.