Macintosh models

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Macintosh models

Following is a brief summary of the current models in Apple's Mac family, all of which use Intel CPU chips. For earlier Macs by model number, see Macintosh models - early.

DESKTOPS: Pro - iMac - mini
The Mac Pro is a high-performance workstation with four to 12 cores (see Mac Pro). The iMac all-in-one is the most popular Mac with the computer built into the monitor (see iMac). The Mac mini is the smallest Mac desktop computer (see Mac mini).

SERVERS: macOS Server
Any Mac can be turned into a server with macOS Server software downloaded from the Mac App Store. Rack-mounted server hardware was available in the past but was discontinued (see Xserve).

LAPTOPS: Pro, Air and MacBook
MacBook Pro laptops are the top-end models with 13" and 15" screens (a 17" model was dropped in 2012). The MacBook Air is a thinner, lighter version with a 13" screen (see MacBook).
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Upgraded with the latest Nuance speech recognition technology, it delivers greater speed and higher accuracy than Dragon Dictate 4 and previous Mac versions. In addition, a redesigned user interface makes it easier to access key features, get vocabulary recommendations, and add custom words and commands.
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