goodbye “Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.” [Am. Hist.: Van Doren, 528]
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Douglas MacArthur's landing at the Lingayen Gulf 73 years ago, the park named in his honor along the beach in Barangay Bonuan here melted back into obscurity.
During MacArthur's tenure, his forces first conducted a delay against attacking North Korean forces, then began a counteroffensive with the amphibious landing at Inchon and subsequent push deep into North Korea.
Herman's examples of MacArthur's willingness to expose himself to bullets in order to inspire others to kill and die take us from Mexico in 1914 to Korea in 1951.
Through memoirs, personal diaries, official histories, and a large number of secondary sources, Borneman weaves together the pieces of his book with special emphasis placed on MacArthur's mercurial manner of commanding and on his relationship with his staff and with other military commanders, domestic and foreign.
Even the liberation of MacArthur's beloved Philippines during 1944-1945 had a little impact on Japan's defeat.
Roosevelt, mainly for political reasons, extended MacArthur's term as Army chief of staff, but the two repeatedly clashed over budget matters.
is in Manila to tell us the behind-the-scenes details of the movie on MacArthur's life, in conjunction with the 70th year commemoration of the liberation of the Philippines.
Eight hours after the Pearl Harbor attack, MacArthur's Philippine air force was destroyed on the ground.
MacArthur's initiatives gave women the vote, the right to marry whom they pleased, and to own and manage their own property.
American Re and ECRA refused to pay the reinsurance claims, contending that, regardless of the terms of the settlement amount was payment for MacArthur's bad faith claims against USF&G for refusing to defend and indemnify it, which is not covered under the reinsurance treaty.
MacArthur's enthusiasm prevailed, and many B-17s were rushed to the Philippines.
According to the insider, Anglo American is examining Macarthur's finances.