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The MacBook is Apple's third laptop computer family, introduced in 2006 (see PowerBook and iBook). In 2015, new MacBooks featured Apple's Retina Display and higher resolutions, as well as the Force Touch trackpad that senses different pressure levels. By the end of 2016, all MacBooks used solid state drives (SSDs).

MacBook Pro
The MacBook Pro was the first Mac laptop to use Intel CPUs, and the Pro line offers the fastest processors and largest screens (see MacBook Pro).

The Non-Pro, Non-Air MacBook
The "just plain" MacBook is Apple's entry-level laptop. Debuting in 2007, it was dropped in 2011 only to be resurrected thinner and lighter in 2015 with a USB-C port for both charging and connectivity (see USB Type C).

MacBook Air
Launched in 2008, the Air's touchpad added gesture-based multitouch introduced on the iPhone. In 2018, the Air added a high-res Retina Display, Touch ID and USB-C ports. The Air without the Retina Display screen was the entry-level laptop until 2015. See Macintosh Portable, PowerBook, iBook and Mac computer.
CURRENT MACBOOK MODELS    SSD    Max          Screen  Storage  RAM  Weight          Size     (GB)    (GB)  (lbs)Pro TB*    16"   512-8192   64   4.3
 Pro TB*    13"   256-4096   32   3.1

 Air RD**   13"   256-2048   16   2.8

 MacBook    12"   256-512    16   2.0

  * Touch Bar   ** Retina Display

From PowerBook to MacBook
The processing power in the 2016 MacBook (right) is nearly seven million times greater than the first Mac PowerBook laptop in 1991. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)
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Apple in a statement on the recall said that it has determined that, in a limited number of older generation 15-inch MacBook Pro units, the battery may overheat and pose a fire safety risk.
Every refurbished MacBook Pro model features the same specs as that of brand new units.
In an investor note acquired by Forbes, IHS Markit noted that the San Cupertino giant was looking to shift their focus towards the new 16-inch MacBook Pro.
MacBook Air now includes Touch ID - a fingerprint sensor built right into the keyboard - which allows you to conveniently and instantly unlock your MacBook Air, authenticate your identity, and make fast, simple and secure purchases using Apple Pay.
Also new to MacBook Pro is the Apple T2 chip, first introduced in iMac Pro.
AppleInsider also reported that the 2016 MacBook Pro keyboards with the butterfly-style keyboards were failing twice as often as older models.
Meanwhile, the company specifies that the battery replacement does not extend the standard warranty of 13-inch MacBook Pros.
The new 15-inch MacBook Pro, at just 15.5 mm thin, is 14% thinner and 20% less volume than before, and weighing just four pounds, is nearly half a pound lighter.
MacBook comes with the incredibly small and versatile USB-C port for charging, data transfer and video output in a single connector that is one-third the size of a traditional USB port.
The MacBook represents the next step in Apple's minimalist attitude toward computer hardware.
Still, THAT MacBook, whoa now!"Tweep @jayrsee pointed out that the gadget seemed unnecessary and wrote: "...