MacNally, Leonard

MacNally, Leonard,

1752–1820, Irish political informer. A lawyer, he joined the United Irishmen and defended many of their members in court. His clients, however, were invariably convicted, and after his death it was discovered that MacNally had been in the pay of the British government. It was he who betrayed Lord Edward FitzgeraldFitzgerald, Lord Edward,
1763–98, Irish revolutionary; son of James Fitzgerald, 20th earl of Kildare and 1st duke of Leinster (see Kildare, James Fitzgerald, 20th earl of).
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 (1798) and Robert EmmetEmmet, Robert,
1778–1803, Irish nationalist and revolutionary. He studied at Trinity College, Dublin, but left in 1798 because of his nationalist sympathies. In 1800 he went to France, where with exiled United Irishmen he planned a French-aided uprising in Ireland.
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 (1803). MacNally wrote many plays and the song "The Lass of Richmond Hill."
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