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China: see MacaoMacao
, Port. Macau, Mandarin Aomen, special administrative region of China, formerly administered by Portugal (2005 est. pop. 449,000), 10.8 sq mi (28.2 sq km), adjoining Guangdong prov.
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Official name: Macau Special Administrative Region [of China]

Internet country code: .mo

Flag description: Light green with a lotus flower above a stylized bridge and water in white, beneath an arc of five gold five-pointed stars: one large in center of arc and four smaller

Geographical description: Eastern Asia, bordering the South China Sea and China

Total area: 10.9 sq. mi. (28.2 sq. km.)

Climate: Subtropical; marine with cool winters, warm sum­mers

Nationality: noun: Macanese, Chinese (singular and plu­ral); adjective: Macanese, Chinese

Population: 456,989 (July 2007 CIA est.)

Ethnic groups: Chinese 95.7%, Macanese (mixed Por­tuguese and Asian ancestry) 1%, other 3.3%

Languages spoken: Portuguese (official), Cantonese (offi­cial), Hokkien, Mandarin, other Chinese dialects

Religions: Buddhist, Roman Catholic

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But we are not judging Macau by what happened to them in their last two matches.
We are pleased to expand our Asian footprint and bring to Macau local knowledge and expertise along with BHSI's unique balance sheet and financial strength.
The Macanese insurance industry is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Macau.
As Macau has diversified, new capacity has come on stream and the customer profile has changed as the market has shifted to the mass segment.
Macau is a small peninsula in mainland China, across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong.
com has added a platform for local Macau vendors to advertise their services and products to travelers coming from all over the world.
17 million people visit Macau on package tours alone, according to the region's government.
Com uma nitida vocacao para a tematica economico-comercial, o Forum, financiado por Macau, nao deixa de ter um significado politico ao englobar o conjunto dos paises lusofonos, inclusive Timor Leste e com excecao de Sao Tome e Principe ainda mantendo relacoes diplomaticas com Taiwan.
Many buildings, particularly those around the Leal Senado building - the headquarters of the Municipal Council Of Macau - in Senado Square, wouldn't look out of place in Lisbon.
Total loans grew by 86% in the three years to end-2012 due to growth in business linked to its parent and strong credit demand in Macau.
The super-yacht and mad, mad Macau My arrival into Macau, on a racing yacht from Hong Kong, had set the weekend bar at a rather high level.
By then, Macau is expected to have added another six glitzy casinos to the three dozen that already make it the world's betting capital, as Las Vegas mogul Steve Wynn and others continue to bet on the only place where Chinese can legally gamble.