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China: see MacaoMacao
, Port. Macau, Mandarin Aomen, special administrative region of China, formerly administered by Portugal (2005 est. pop. 449,000), 10.8 sq mi (28.2 sq km), adjoining Guangdong prov.
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Official name: Macau Special Administrative Region [of China]

Internet country code: .mo

Flag description: Light green with a lotus flower above a stylized bridge and water in white, beneath an arc of five gold five-pointed stars: one large in center of arc and four smaller

Geographical description: Eastern Asia, bordering the South China Sea and China

Total area: 10.9 sq. mi. (28.2 sq. km.)

Climate: Subtropical; marine with cool winters, warm sum­mers

Nationality: noun: Macanese, Chinese (singular and plu­ral); adjective: Macanese, Chinese

Population: 456,989 (July 2007 CIA est.)

Ethnic groups: Chinese 95.7%, Macanese (mixed Por­tuguese and Asian ancestry) 1%, other 3.3%

Languages spoken: Portuguese (official), Cantonese (offi­cial), Hokkien, Mandarin, other Chinese dialects

Religions: Buddhist, Roman Catholic

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In a key address at the General Assembly of the Asian Broadcasting Federation being held in Macau, China, Najm said a number of countries are now gearing forward to appropriate considerable part of their frequencies once allotted to broadcasting to benefit mobile service which witness increasing demand worldwide.
The chess tournament, dubbed 15th ASEAN Age Group Chess Championships was held June 4-11 at Macau, China and participated in by other Asian chess players from Vietnam, China, Singapore and Korea, Mongolia, Malaysia and the Philippines.
A portrait of Michael Jackson and his wife Lisa Marie Presley commissioned to David Nordahl by Jackson in 1995, part of Julien''s Auctions 'Legends' sale to take place in Macau, China
It documents the adventures of the first intrepid Omanis who went on a 4x4 expedition driving from Singapore to Macau, China, traversing several Asian countries along the way.
The Hon Hoi Group has multiple restaurants in Macau, China and Canada, including Chinese, Japanese and Thai food concepts.
LG Electronics asserted its longstanding role as global technology innovator and its endeavors to lead the way in marketing with its recent Middle East and Africa Marketing Conference in Macau, China
Carlton Advisory Services has announced that the Carlton Hospitality Group has been engaged exclusively to secure more than $160 million of joint venture equity and senior mortgage financing for a hotel and casino in Macau, China.
But in Macau, China, last night on the third leg of United's Asia tour, Ferguson rated the chances of Heinze lining up for Liverpool next season as zero.
Guernsey-born Priaulx won the WTCC crown at the final round of last year's inaugural championship in Macau, China, for BMW Team UK.
She served the church in Hong Kong, Macau, China and retired in Toronto in 1981.
Australia beat England 2-0 in the women's Champions' Trophy in Macau, China, to gain revenge for their semi-final defeat in the Commonwealth Games last month.
The author is a former university faculty member working as an educational consultant in Macau, China.