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These were the odds faced by the Maccabees. If these are not daunting I don't know what is.
Both the books of Wisdom and Maccabees served as key manifestos for that revolution.
Legend has it that the Maccabees were so angry at Seleucid empire partly because the Seleucid empire used the temple's gold and silver to pay his troops.
The Maccabees rose up and first quelled the Hellenized Jews before, despite being greatly outnumbered, fighting off the Seleucid army and capturing Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.
Since forming in 2002, The Maccabees released four albums; 2007 debut Colour It In, Wall Of Arms in 2009, 2012's Given To The Wild and most recently Marks To Prove It, which came out last year.
The letter went on to say that Gibson called Jews "Hebes," "oven-dodgers" and "Jewboys." Eszterhas also stated that Gibson used the Maccabees project in order "to deflect continuing charges of anti-Semitism which have dogged you, charges which have crippled your career."
The Maccabees will now top the bill on the Concourse, Teleman will headline Hall 2, and local act Nadine Shah will join as one of Sunday night's opening acts.
CONTRASTING with the bright sun outside, The Maccabees brought a darker edge to the Goldenvoice Arena.
WARWICK: 2.10 Kilmurvy, 2.40 Maccabees, 3.15 Gorgehous Lliege, 3.50 Grandioso, 4.20 Iron Butterfly, 4.50 Rhum, 5.20 Taradrewe.
Russian Jewry is a modern Hanukkah story, except that the Russian Antiochus succeeded in his goal of eradicating Judaism - but in Israel, the Maccabees were on home turf and could mount a guerilla war to save their religion before it was forgotten.