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fast-food restaurant chain throughout the world; recognized by golden arches. [Am. Culture: Misc.]
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But it's perhaps because of this that Wimpy would eventually fall out of fashion, pushed to the fast food side lines by the more transatlantic cool of rivals like Maccy D's and Burger King.
A trip to therestaurantwith the Golden Arches is normally a pretty cheap excursion anyway thanks to options like the Saver Menu and Extra Value Meals but this week Maccy D's are letting you get even more value for your hard earned.
Capitalising on this is one cheeky eBayseller, who is flogging a Maccy D's plastic straw to the tune of [pounds sterling]1,000.
You won't miss a Maccy D's in the least, with this 'fast food' recipe from The Body Coach.
The boys and I are excited that we can now have that at our fave Maccy D's!"
He was adamant that a little bit of what you fancy does you good - but his advice was: Don't make that stop at Maccy D's for a gutbusting burger an everyday occurence.
Until Maccy D's young workers are properly paid, surely none of its customers can really enjoy a Happy Meal?
Mmmmm, bring on the Maccy D's and KFC - all washed down with bottles of Bud!
NOT since Maccy D's golden arches first livened up the mashed parsnip-diet drabness of the former East Germany, or Levi's "blue jeans" started selling around Moscow's Red Square, had there been sucha clamour on the streets.
And, remember, Walton: kids who grow up on Maccy D's cheeseburgers don't necessarily end up appreciating food in the world's best restaurants..."