Macedonian National Uprising Day

Macedonian National Uprising Day (Day of Macedonian Uprising in 1941; Macedonian Revolution Day)

October 11
October 11 marks the anniversary of the beginning of the Macedonian people's uprising against fascism during World War II. This holiday is observed through formal ceremonies at which the prime minister and other dignitaries deliver addresses acknowledging the significance of this revolt to the spirit of Macedonian independence. In conjunction with this holiday, the Macedonian Parliament recognizes accomplishments in the areas of science, culture, art, and journalism through the "October 11" life achievement awards.
During the Second World War, the Axis powers controlled the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, of which Macedonia was part. On October 11, 1941, the people of Macedonia began to organize and mount an armed insurrection against their Bulgarian and Italian occupiers with an attack on the local Axis-power headquarters in the city of Prilep, located in the Vardar region of Macedonia. Partisans staged a simultaneous uprising against the fascists in the city of Kumanovo. The October 11 rebellion launched the war for liberation from fascist occupation, which coincided with the rise of the communist movement in Macedonia.
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