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the language of the present-day Macedonians; one of the principal languages of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Macedonian belongs to the eastern branch of the South Slavic languages. The main dialect groups are the western, eastern, and northern.

The Macedonian literary language had formed by the mid-1940’s from the central subdialects of the western dialect, which is similar to the colloquial language. The alphabet is Slavic (Cyrillic). Literary Macedonian has five vowel phonemes (i, e, a, o, and u) and a syllabic r. Stress is mobile, occurring on the antepenultimate syllable (prochitav, prochitavme). Consonants specific to Macedonian include the affricates S (dz) and U (), and the mediopalatals K and g (from Common Slavic *tj and * dj). Nouns have three types of postpositional definite article; oblique case inflections have been lost. The future tense is formed by means of the particle Ke; there are four past tenses (including a perfect tense of the type imam videno, “I have seen”), and indirect tense forms of the indicative and conditional mood. Analytism has developed in Macedonian, as in the other Balkan languages.


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(1979) A history of the Macedonian people. Skopje: Macedonian Review.
Again, as argued previously, the Macedonian people in the Republic of Macedonia consider the Republic of Macedonia their homeland or "fatherland".
It might be Macedonian people who murdered him, and the Macedonian legal system that let them off - but the British sent him to be killed.
However, Albanians feel their language and educational rights will not be properly protected unless they are constitutionally recognised as one of two constituent nations of Macedonia.--The preamble of the present Macedonian constitution says the country is "a national state of the Macedonian people".
Both we and our European partners know that we must do all we can to help the Macedonian people avoid the same tragedy of violence and warfare that has afflicted so many of their neighbors in southeast Europe.
They also said that his first defeat was the agreement on good-neighborly relations with Bulgaria and that he insulted the Macedonian people with his statement that they had an inferiority complex.
Deutsche Welle reports that the former German Ambassador to Macedonia, Gudrun Steinacker, a great friend to the Albanian and the Macedonian people, took part in the debate as well.
The Balisti fan group of Tetovo marched through the streets of the city over the weekend chanting insulting slogans about the Macedonian people. At one point they even started hurling bottles at a coffee shop owned by a Macedonian and attacked a few passersby, also Macedonians.
"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and either they (the Macedonian people) support the agreement and they can joinNato, or they don't support the agreement but then they won't join it.
Making the Macedonian people faceless, is done by the church which, as we have learned in our lives is the millennial guardian of the Slavic-Macedonian spirit and identity!
A special exhibition of Israeli illustrators, "I Am From Here", was recently staged in Bitola, showing 70 leading illustrators to the Macedonian people.
We have respect for the will of the Macedonian people and their republic.

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