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(1) The population of ancient Macedonia.

(2) The name for the inhabitants of the historical region of Macedonia, who are of diverse ethnic background.

(3) A South Slavic nationality. They make up most of the population of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia in Yugoslavia. Their total number in Yugoslavia is about 1,194,000 (according to the 1971 census), of whom 1,142,000 are in the republic. They speak Macedonian. Religious Macedonians are mainly Orthodox, although there are also Muslims.

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Throughout the diaspora, Macedonians speak the Macedonian language.
the distinct national identity of the Slavic population of the region of Macedonia, have resurfaced claims of "hundreds of thousands of ethnic Macedonians" living in Bulgaria under some sort of "brutal oppression." Macedonian media cite as evidence for such claims statements by the so called ethnic Macedonian party "OMO Ilinden-Pirin", whose members according to publications in the Bulgarian media are paid from Skopje and Belgrade to declare themselves as "Macedonians."
But the Ricoh Arena management is keen to discover if there is anyone with Macedonian ties in the region and encourage them to come along and cheer on the Red Lions.
"The third, and even more disturbing development to Greek public opinion, particularly to the Greek Macedonians, was a re-appraisal of the ethnogenetic dogma of the "Macedonian" ethnicity.
We must find a way to live side by side as brothers--Greeks, Macedonians, and Persians.
Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov's statement that the Macedonian minority in Greece isn't speaking a Macedonian language is in the context of Article 7 of the Prespa agreement.
Talat Xhaferi's daily politics are difficult to follow, writes observer Zejdi Rexhepi, adding that "First, Xhaferi promoted the small-size national flag put on his table, and supported the large-size Macedonian flag behind his back, but two days later he said that the plenary sessions in Assembly will be led in his mother tongue (Albanian) and also in Macedonian".
It so happened that Macedonia and the study of the Macedonian language have become the essential part of my life.
During his speech in the European Parliament, Orav has repeatedly referred to Macedonians as Slavomacedonians, which has been apparently deemed insulting by Macedonian authorities.
However, representatives of the associations of Macedonians in Turkey told Macedonian media that they would also demand that citizenship is granted not based on the country they came from but based on their ethnicity as it was until 1993.
"Only the gypsies and the Turks in Bulgaria are not Macedonians. The question is not whether the Macedonians in Macedonia are Bulgarians but whether there are Bulgarians in Bulgaria without Macedonian roots," states the highly perplexing text of Todor Petrov.