Mach, Wilhelm

Mach, Wilhelm


Born Jan. 1, 1917, in Kamionka, RzeszÓw WojewÓdztwo; died July 2, 1965, in Warsaw. Polish writer.

The son of a peasant, Mach graduated from the University of Krakow in 1947. He wrote for magazines and guided many young writers; since his death, the Mach Prize has been awarded annually for the best first literary work. Among Mach’s best novels are Rust (1947, published in 1950), Jawor’s House (1954; State Prize of the Polish People’s Republic, 1955; Russian translation, 1956), Life, Great and Small (1959; Łódź Publishing House Prize, 1958), and Agnieszka, Daughter of Columbus (1964; State Prize of the Polish People’s Republic, 1964; Russian translation, 1969 and 1973). In these works the author discusses ethical and social problems and explores psychological motivations. Mountains by the Black Sea (1961) is an experimental prose work. Mach also wrote short stories, criticism, and publicistic articles.


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