Mácica Serbska

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Mácica Serbska


the cultural and educational society of the Lusatian Sorbs from 1847 to 1951. It was founded in Budissin (Bautzen) by the publicist and philologist J. Smoler. The publication of Mácica Serbska was called Casopis Mdcicy serbskeje (1847-1937). In 1880 a division of Mácica Serbska was opened in Cottbus.

Mácica Serbska published a great deal of literature in the Lusatian language and carried on extensive educational work, becoming one of the most important bulwarks of the Lusatians’ national struggle against Germanization. In 1937 the society was closed down, but it became active again in 1945. In 1951 it became part of the Institute of Lusatian National Studies, which had been formed previously.


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