Macintosh Operating System

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Macintosh Operating System

(operating system)
(Mac OS) Apple Computer, Inc.'s proprietary operating system for their Macintosh family of personal computers.

The part of the operating system that simulates the desktop is called "Finder." The multitasking version of Finder was called "MultiFinder" until multitasking was integrated into the core of the OS with the introduction of System 7.0 in 1990.

The Macintosh series provides a built-in graphics language, called "QuickDraw", which provides a standard for software developers.

Mac OS 8, scheduled for delivery in July 1997, included new human-interface features, increased system stability and performance, a PowerPC processor-native Finder, tighter integration of Internet access through panel-based "assistants," Personal Web Sharing and the ability to run Java applets and programs through Mac OS Run Time for Java. Version 9.2 was the last version of the bespoke Mac OS. The next version, Mac OS X is quite different, being based on Unix.

See also Macintosh file system, Macintosh user interface.
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A strong argument can be made, for instance, that the Macintosh operating system did not fail to become the dominant standard because of its intrinsic technical drawbacks, as Liebowitz and Margolis claim in a surprisingly casual treatment.
Apple Computer has launched a new Macintosh operating system, Mac OS X, featuring a new user interface called 'Aqua' and a new graphics system.
The iMac's success is a key to Apple's still-precarious future, because it's the company's best chance to expand its market share and keep companies developing software that will run on the highly regarded Macintosh operating system.
During the trade show, Microsoft said it will continue to develop versions of its Microsoft Office productivity suite, Internet Explorer browser and other Microsoft tools for the Macintosh operating system.
seeking to revive its stalled licensing strategy and boost its shrinking market share, said Monday that it has granted rights to its Macintosh operating system to Motorola Inc.
Of the popular demonstrations taking place on the floor of the world's most comprehensive event for Macintosh operating system users, nobody could come close to topping the standing room only crowds generated by Jamie Dresser, Product Manager and New Product Development, at the Other World Computing (OWC) booth.
Having grown up a Mac fan here in Northern California, I am personally very excited to be demonstrating the capabilities of the Slingbox on the Macintosh operating system," said Blake Krikorian, co-founder and CEO of Sling Media.
Based in New Albany, Ohio, Now Software is the developer of the Eddy Award-winning Now Up-to-Date & Contact, the world's number one best-selling Personal Information Management (PIM) solution for the Macintosh operating system.
Earlier this year You Software acquired the intellectual property assets of PTH Software, a developer of system utilities that have been consistently recognized as best of class for the Macintosh operating system.
YOU DON'T KNOW JACK 6 is currently not compatible with the Macintosh operating system.
Available in three models, Apple's MacBook features an Intel Core Duo processor, allowing users to run programs with Windows XP or Macintosh operating systems.