Macintosh models

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Macintosh models

Following is a brief summary of the current models in Apple's Mac family, all of which use Intel CPU chips. For earlier Macs by model number, see Macintosh models - early.

DESKTOPS: Pro - iMac - mini
The Mac Pro is a high-performance workstation with four to 12 cores (see Mac Pro). The iMac all-in-one is the most popular Mac with the computer built into the monitor (see iMac). The Mac mini is the smallest Mac desktop computer (see Mac mini).

SERVERS: macOS Server
Any Mac can be turned into a server with macOS Server software downloaded from the Mac App Store. Rack-mounted server hardware was available in the past but was discontinued (see Xserve).

LAPTOPS: Pro, Air and MacBook
MacBook Pro laptops are the top-end models with 13" and 15" screens (a 17" model was dropped in 2012). The MacBook Air is a thinner, lighter version with a 13" screens, and the 12" MacBook is the lightest and thinnest (see MacBook).
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At the same time, the amount of technically oriented software that can run on Macintosh models has steadily increased.
This suggestion was modified by the user who removed the terms "sale," "Macintosh," and "Mac" from the filter and added the terms "cx," and "ci" (two specific Macintosh models).
At the end of each row of five computers is either a Hewlett-Packard Deskjet 500 for the 386SX computers or a Hewlett-Packard Deskwriter for the Macintosh models.