Mack Sennett

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Mack Sennett
BirthplaceDanville, Quebec, Canada
Actor, director, producer, screenwriter, presenter, composer, cinematographer

Sennett, Mack


(real name, Mickall Sinnott). Born Jan. 17, 1880, in Richmond, Ontario; died there Nov. 5, 1960. American film director and actor.

In 1902, Sennett began a career as a comedian, singer, and dancer in various New York theaters. In 1908 he began acting in motion pictures. He later became an assistant director, and in 1910 began directing his own films. In 1912 he founded his own motion-picture company, the Keystone Studio. Sennett created a new genre in American comedy, based on slapstick humor and illogical but witty tricks. He discovered several actors and actresses who achieved world fame, including C. Chaplin, M. Normand, R. (Fatty) Arbuckle, B. Turpin, G. Swanson, B. Keaton, and H. Lloyd. From 1916 he worked mainly as a producer. After the introduction of sound motion pictures, Sennett tried without success to continue making films in the style he had developed, and in 1935 retired from the motion-picture industry.


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Mack Sennett (Michael Sinnott) was another Canadian whose family came from Ireland.
Mack Sennett (Mutual Film Corporation, 1915); The New School Teacher, dir.
But the most famous Canadian man to work at Biograph was the great and gregarious Mack Sennett, the Quebec-born actor/director/producer who would become known as "The King of Comedy.
Mack Sennett could have been put in charge of this one.
One skull fragment, larger than the others, struck a tall, well-dressed man on the cheek, cutting the skin and splashing brains against his face like a custard pie in a Mack Sennett comedy.
Crunden creates a schema dictated by his definition of the modernist (chiefly the profile of the avant-garde iconoclast) and manipulates this profile to embrace figures as diverse as Harriet Monroe, editor of Poetry in Chicago; Jelly Roll Morton, the innovator of ragtime in New Orleans; Mack Sennett, the creator of slapstick comedy in Los Angeles; and Robert Frost, the New Hampshire poet.
At 1712 Glendale Boulevard, you can still see the warehouse building where Mack Sennett made his Keystone Kops comedies.
It is based on the real-life romance between Hollywood legends Mack Sennett and Mabel Normand and tells the story of a group of pioneering filmmakers who changed the world surrounded by the great fun of the silent screen.
BORN BRYAN Adams, Canadian rock star, 1959, above TAMZIN Outhwaite, UK actress, 1970 TILDA Swinton, UK actress, 1960 DIED EAMONN Andrews, Irish TV presenter, 1987, above ROY Boulting, English film director, 2001 MACK Sennett, US film director, 1960
The Guild of Music Supervisors will hold its fifth annual awards ceremony at Mack Sennett Studios in Hollywood.
To describe the panic-stricken shambles as Keystone Cops defending would be an insult to Mack Sennett.