Mackinac Island

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Mackinac Island:

see MackinacMackinac
, historic region of the Old Northwest (see Northwest Territory), a shortening of Michilimackinac. The name, in the past, was variously applied to different areas: to Mackinac Island; to Michigan; to the whole fur-trading region supplied from the island; to the northern
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There were many small inns and hotels on Mackinac Island, but a consortium of railroad companies desired a large, regal hotel for hundreds of guests to stay overnight.
The remaining 35 percent of the funds, $57,059, will be provided by the City of Mackinac Island.
Under the 25,000-barrel spill scenario, 'there's a 90 per cent chance you'd have to do a cleanup on Mackinac Island,' he says.
A contact investigation was initiated on Mackinac Island during the 2013 tourist season.
If you want to go see Mackinac Island first, you'd fly to Beaver Island from the northeast via DIPLE.
Louis has been enjoying some quality time with the daughter he did not know existed until a few months ago, but the former cop [now private detective] is drawn into the investigation, working with Chief Flowers of the local Mackinac Island, Michigan police and State Investigator Norm Rafsky, the latter a somewhat ambivalent working relationship due to the professional past he shares with Louis' lover, Sheriff "Joe' Frye.
THE SCENTS OF LILACS, FUDGE, and horse manure mingle to form the distinctive aroma of Mackinac Island in early June, The tourist season is not yet in full swing; it starts in earnest with the Lilac Festival, the first day of which will be our final day on the island.
You can't leave the Grand Hotel atop its Mackinac Island bluff without whacking a few croquet balls, rocking on the world's longest front porch, and parading past a gauntlet of white-jacketed waiters into the vast dining room.
My experience was in the private sector," Romney said when talking to Michigan Republicans over the weekend on Mackinac Island.
We're not going to run big incentives to clear inventory," Reuss said at the Detroit Regional Chamber's Mackinac Policy Conference on Mackinac Island in northern Michigan.
Sergio Marchionne, Chrysler Group CEO, made a speech on June 3 at the annual Mackinac Policy Conference that's organized by the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce on Mackinac Island, Michigan.
The race is based out of Detroit, starts in Port Huron and takes everyone 'Up North' to Mackinac Island, so it is a perfect fit with our highly successful Pure Michigan national advertising campaign to draw tourism to our great state.