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, esparto grass
any of various grasses, esp Stipa tenacissima of S Europe and N Africa, that yield a fibre used to make ropes, mats, etc.



(Stipa tenacissima), a perennial grass of the family Gramineae. In Spain and North Africa, esparto forms a dense cover over extensive areas of land. The leaves contain a strong fiber and are used in the production of paper and synthetic silk and other fabrics. Esparto is good pasturage for camels, horses, and oxen. It is exported to some countries in Europe.

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Among gypsovags present in at least 4 of the samples, values were much higher than 50% in average gypsum content and species such as Macrochloa tenacissima (6 samples) or Lithodora fruticosa (4 samples) were present on soils with an average gypsum content above 65%.
Abbreviations are: G: tentative gypsophily degree; CG: Gypsovag; NG: narrow-gypsophile; WG: wide gypsophile SPECIES G n % GYPSUM sd Helianthemum squamatum WG 7 79,02 14,38 Macrochloa tenacissima GV 6 67,10 74,81 Lithodora fruticosa GV 5 65,36 20,27 Gypsophila struthium subsp.