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That portion of the neuroglia composed of astrocytes.
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the cells in the brain that fill the spaces between the neurons and the capillaries surrounding them.

Macroglia is the principal tissue of the neuroglia and is often identified with it. In contrast to the microglial cells, the macroglial cells originate, like the neurons, with the neural tube. The larger cells of the macroglia, which form the astroglia and ependyma, play an important part in the blood-brain barrier and in the reaction of nervous tissue to injury and infection. The smaller (satellite) cells of the neurons (oligodendroglia) elaborate the myelin sheaths of the axons (processes of the neurons) and supply the neurons with nutritive substances, especially during periods of intensified brain activity.

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La isquemia cerebral focal ocasiona una respuesta bien conocida de activacion de la macroglia en sectores alejados del foco isquemico.
All these experimental procedures induce activation of retinal micro- and macroglia and are accompanied by an influx of neutrophils and macrophages to the vitreous.
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Thus these giant glial cells (macroglia) are not essential to engage the axonal sprouting.