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triacum Buisson, 1923, but the shape of macronucleus and the location of micronucleus are different.
It then creates a new macronucleus that takes over for the old one.
One of the marvels of O.trifallax is the still-unknown molecular machinery that precisely excises noncoding DNA to create the new macronucleus, explains Glenn Herrick of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.
CAVALIER-SMITH; I don't think that you should call the DNA that is eliminated in the macronucleus "junk DNA," because that designation begs the question of whether it has a non-coding function.
It might have some specific function in the micronucleus, but the DNA is transcriptionally inert in the micronucleus and absent from the macronucleus. DNA elimination is a way of amplifying and selecting only those sequences that are absolutely required to be in the macronucleus, and in that sense it's truly elegant.
Have you taken an unscrambled gene and put it in the macronucleus to determine if it is functional?
When food is plentiful, tetrahymena operates under the command of the macronucleus and splits repeatedly into identical copies of itself.
Micronucleus A small nucleus closely associated with the macronucleus in ciliates.
They had a band-like macronucleus (the big backward "C").
Macronucleus horseshoe-shaped 49.1 [+ or -] 10.3 (24-64, 28) in external diameter; 9.9 [+ or -] 2.5 (7-16, 28) thickness; distance between the terminations of macronucleus 10.5 [+ or -] 3.4 (7-17, 28).
izumovae Arthur and Lom, (1984) showed similar diameter of the adhesive disc, denticulate ring and macronucleus. The specimens of T.