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nonspecific term for an eruption of the skinskin,
the flexible tissue (integument) enclosing the body of vertebrate animals. In humans and other mammals, the skin operates a complex organ of numerous structures (sometimes called the integumentary system) serving vital protective and metabolic functions.
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. It may result from skin allergy, skin irritation, or skin disease, or it may be a symptom of a systemic disease like measles, smallpox, or scarlet fever. A rash may appear as discolored spots or a general redness, or as blisters or pustules, either flat or raised above the surface of the skin. The rash may cause skin irritation—itching, tingling, burning, or pain—or it may not cause any discomfort. The appearance and distribution of a rash are often important factors for consideration in diagnosing a particular disease.



an eruption on the skin or mucous membrane of man, the cause of which can be either external and internal. Rashes accompany skin and other types of diseases. The external causes can be physical or chemical, while internal causes include diseases of the nervous and hemopoietic systems, metabolic disorders and functional disorders of certain organs (digestion, endocrine glands), infectious diseases (measles, scarlet fever), and allergic reactions (urticaria). Rashes may be primary or secondary. Primary rashes appear on previously normal skin or mucous membrane (spots, wheals, vesicles, pustules, tubercles). Secondary rashes appear as a further development of primary elements (pigmentation, scales, crusts, abrasions, ulcers, fissures, scars). The location, number, combination, color, shape, depth, and duration of the eruptions are helpful in diagnosing the disease.


A lay term for nearly any skin eruption, but more commonly for acute inflammatory dermatoses.
(mining engineering)
Very impure coal, so mixed with waste material as to be unsalable.


Pathol any skin eruption
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3 Percent) followed by urticaria without angioedema (10 Percent), maculopapular rash (9.
Other symptoms include tender, enlarged cervical and occipital lymph nodes, as well as a pinkish maculopapular rash that begins on the face.
The only other notable finding was a faint maculopapular rash over his trunk and extremities.
NNRTIs sometimes can cause a maculopapular rash (a rash made up of small, well-defined bumps on the skin).
When Sustiva was combined with AZT/3TC, the most commonly reported treatment-related side effects greater than or equal to Grade 2 were: nausea (12%), maculopapular rash (10%), dizziness (9%), impaired concentration (9%), fatigue (7%), and headache (7%).
Erythema infectiosum fifth disease) is characterized by several days of high fever, migratory myalgias and arthralgias, lymphadenopathy, anemia, and the presence of a maculopapular rash that appears as the fever breaks.
He said that classic dengue fever is marked by rapid onset of high fever, headache, retro-orbital pain, diffuse body pain both muscle and bone, weakness, vomiting, sore throat, altered taste sensation, and a centrifugal maculopapular rash, among other manifestations.
LCV is defined by the following five criteria proposed by the American College of Rheumatology (7): 1) age > 16 at disease onset, 2) history of taking a medication at onset that may have been a precipitating factor, 3) the presence of palpable purpura, 4) the presence of maculopapular rash, and 5) a biopsy demonstrating granulocytes around an arteriole or a venule (LCV).
Then he developed generalized maculopapular rash, starting from neck and spreading to involve trunk and limbs.
The male patient, aged 56 with underlying illnesses, was febrile on November 8 and this was followed by generalised maculopapular rash and diarrhoea on November 11.