Madonna lily

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Madonna lily:

see lilylily,
common name for the Liliaceae, a plant family numbering several thousand species of as many as 300 genera, widely distributed over the earth and particularly abundant in warm temperate and tropical regions.
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Always check when you are buying what conditions they like - many prefer neutral to acidic soil but some, like the Madonna lily, prefer lime.
This week is the perfect time to plant that most regal of flowers, the Madonna Lily (Lilium candidum).
The lily known as the Madonna lily is the most significant flower symbol for Christians, and it suggested purity and virginity.
In 1999, it replaced the Madonna lily (Lilium candidum) as the floral emblem of Quebec.
The Madonna lily, Lilium candidum, appears in Minoan frescoes from about 1600 BC.
Then, what else except Lilium candidum, the Madonna Lily? Okay, so we have them forced for Easter, but what I am talking about is their stunning impact on the garden.
Puffing the baking of breads in the mornings, chatting to my new ferns, scribbling notes on the edges of envelopes, nibbling the borders of dry biscuits, feeding liquid to my madonna lily, sipping thick mushy soups, sewing on wandering buttons, exorcising ants from the kitchen and cockroaches from the cupboards, removing dust from old record covers into the red balloon of one day.
Train a hop, honeysuckle, or an Everlasting peavine on an old-fashioned quiggly fence (perhaps the kind the settlers built), and you will also have support for the tall, single-flowered hollyhock and a variety of settler plants we value primarily for their good looks: bellflowers, feverfew, the bright red Jerusalem cross, the soft pink musk mallow (don't be afraid to pair them), the exquisite pearly florentine iris, and--rising here and there--the flower-laden spikes of the white or madonna lily (Lilium candidum) and the pastel clusters of dame's-rocket, both to perfume the early evening air.
The Hermes perfumer sprinkles notes of magnolia and Madonna lily to balance the woody elements in this fragrance, akin to finding a secret garden hidden in a Venetian lagoon.
If you've always wanted to try your hand at growing the lilium candidum or Madonna lily, this month is the best month for planting.
This lily figures in Christian art too, in many Renaissance paintings of the Virgin Mary and is known as the Madonna lily. It is associated with purity.
That is with the exception of the beautiful Madonna Lily, which is planted in August, the soil just covering the tip.