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The provincial minister ordered the installation of CCTV cameras, walkthrough gates and metal detectors at shrines, mosques, and madrassahs.
Islamabad administration has taken control of Masjid Quba, Madni Masjid, Ali Asghar Masjid, Madrassah Khalid bin Waleed and Madrassah Zia-ul- Quran.
Qaiser further said, 'Incorrect reports are being circulated regarding the syllabus of madrassahs.'
It was perhaps during his interaction with the Deoband that the decision to set up madrassahs in the frontier was taken.
It is evident that education has been given immense importance in Islam as the Holy Prophet (PBUH) highlighted the significance of seeking knowledge by saying, "Seek knowledge though you may have to travel to China" (Hadith-e-Zaeef) (5) and "the ink of pen of a scholar is better than the blood of a martyr." In the early days of Islam, mosques were used to be the central place to impart knowledge to Muslims, which later on grew to become Madrassahs in 11th century, (6) as institutions of learning in the Islamic world.
Qari Muhammad Hanif Jalandhari, the secretary general of the Wafaq ul Madaris Al-Arabia that runs at least 12,000 madrassahs in Pakistan has arrived in the Kingdom to receive award for producing the most huffaz of Qur'an in the world in the year 2013-2014
the government will start demolishing all Madrassahs (religious seminaries)
Diyarbakir boasts numerous medieval mosques and madrassahs, crowned by the 11th Century Ulu Cami (Great Mosque) constructed by alternating bands of blacks basalt and limestone.
Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Mohammad Ejazul Haq said, "most madrassahs had nothing to do with terrorism".
2) Rumsfeld's query resonates: "Can we kill [the jihadists] faster than the madrassahs can produce them?"