Magalashvili, Ketevana

Magalashvili, Ketevana Konstantinovna


Born Apr. 7 (19), 1894, in Kutaisi; died May 30,1973, in Tbilisi. Soviet portrait painter. People’s Artist (fine arts) of the Georgian SSR (1961).

Magalashvili studied at the Tbilisi School of Painting and Sculpture (1911-15), the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture (1915-17), and the Colarossi Academy in Paris (1923-26). Among her works are portraits of Ia. Nikoladze (1922), E. Akhvlediani (1924), and S. Zakariadze (1951; all in the Museum of Art of the Georgian SSR, Tbilisi) and a portrait of M. Dzhaparidze (1957, Museum of Art of the Eastern Peoples, Moscow). Her portraits are notable for subtlety of psychological characterization and reserved colors. Magalashvili was awarded two orders as well as medals.


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