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Chile: see Punta ArenasPunta Arenas
, city (1990 est. pop. 120,000), capital of Magallanes y La Antartica Chilena region, S Chile, on the Strait of Magellan, the world's southernmost major city. Punta Arenas was founded in 1849 to maintain Chile's claim to the strait.
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Churchgoers have always found an uplifting and interesting approach to contemplating the Way of the Cross in Magallanes Church.
Magallanes "debia convenir en que a esas alturas de la travesia habia un gran desconcierto".
Magallanes Interchange, which Director Navarro said was last repaired in the 1980s had prior damages on carriageway particularly cracks and disintegration of concrete, guard rails, and steel expansion joints, making it one of the most priority structures in Metro Manila that need retrofitting.
One yet unexplored facet of this line of investigation is the impact of music and regionalism in the province of Magallanes and their relationship to Chilean right-wing policies and state-sponsored nationalism.
After helping a mother and her infant off a makeshift raft, an exhausted Magallanes was lost in the water, his body recovered the next day," Time said.
Cuando me dirigi al supervisor de la tienda a que me ayudara a conseguir un taxi para ir al hospital, el solo me envolvio el dedo con un trapo y me dijo que volviera a trabajar, otra vez", dijo Magallanes, un mexicano de 32 anos de Guadalajara (Mexico).
Tengo muy presente que, cuando aun vivia, todos creian que el cura Magallanes ya era santo.
Does AltaVista Australia have more Australian pages and does AltaVista Magallanes provide more comprehensive Spanish language coverage?
Steven Thompson picked out Magallanes with a fine pass through the middle and the man from Peru scored from 10 yards.
This is one of the advocacies of Tapa King-to promote sports in the country,' Magallanes said.
Alphonsus Mary de Liguori Church in Magallanes Village.