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Its content, even from its earliest issues, is still relevant today, as Peter Waldleitner, Editor in Chief of the Marklin Magazin confirms: "The Marklin Magazin regularly receives requests for older articles.
Manager Magazin said Deutsche Telekom was open to accommodate Netflix's expansion even though the service would compete with the German company's own web-based TV offering called "Entertain".
According to Manager Magazin, Merck would be responsible for the market launch of the new drug and securing approvals of the respective authorities, which is expected in 2015 at the earliest.
Bryan Talbot's genius with a pen was celebrated in a major feature article in the April edition of our Culture magazin
Sitting on bleachers, clutching wool blankets in the soaring, unheated Magazin, we confronted an extraordinary junk pile of a stage.
The 45-year-old Renschler would replace Rolf Eckrodt, who is reportedly considering resigning to take the blame for Mitsubishi Motors' poor earnings, Manager Magazin said.
As a metal receptacle for cartridges, Magazin and magasin is used in German and French, too, whereas the Italian word is caricatore.
The colored picture, carried on the cover of the free Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazin last Friday, was laid out with the German slang caption ''Tote Hose,'' meaning ''dead trousers.
Editors at the Suddeutsche Zeitung Magazin apparently hoped that ignoring the story of faked interviews with Hollywood stars would result in the quick disappearance of the growing scandal.
The purpose of the magazin or "Western" store was to provide a more formal and "rational" form of shopping.
He contributed to the Gottinger Taschenkalender ("Gottingen Pocket Almanac") from 1778 onward and to the Gottingisches Magazin der Literatur und Wissenschaft ("Gottingen Magazine of Literature and Science"), which he edited for three years (1780-82) with J.