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The highlight for me was sailing into Magdalena Bay, where we were dwarfed by the breathtaking, ice blue landscape.
Henderson (1972:81) believed that gray whales had been largely or entirely "unmolested" by commercial whalers from 1795, when they were first observed and reported by Captain John Locke of the British whaleship Resolution ("the first captain to engage in a genuine whaling venture in the eastern North Pacific Ocean": Henderson, 1972:17, also see Henderson, 1975), to 1846, when, according to Scammon (1874), gray whaling began in Magdalena Bay. This large lagoon complex of smaller bays and channels had been visited by sperm whalers well before 1846, but apparently there is no record of a single gray whale having been taken before then, even though they must have been available in relatively high densities in winter.
Organic waste from a sardine and tuna packaging company in Magdalena Bay creates nutrient-rich sediment that spawns the bacteria.
In Mexico's Magdalena Bay in Baja California, a Trans Am pulls into a village courtyard, parking behind an underground restaurant.
If you want to get up close with California gray whales, schedule a winter trip to Magdalena Bay on the Pacific coast.
Gray whales are abundant in Magdalena Bay during the winter months.
In December 2000, the owners of the Fins Dolphin Learning Center (FDLC) in La Paz (the capita[ of Mexico's Baja California Sur state) captured eight bottlenose dolphins in Magdalena Bay on the Pacific coast.
By mid-summer, Wildcoast biologist Wallace Nichols had learned the bad news: The protected turtle was barbecued by villagers near Baja's Magdalena Bay. "They said it was a big party--about 100 people took part," Nichols said.
Growth production of the euphausiid Nyctiphanes simplex at the coastal shelf off Magdalena Bay, Baja California Sur, Mexico.
Two operators meet their groups in La Paz for kayaking to Espiritu Santo Island or in Magdalena Bay.