Lake Maggiore

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Maggiore, Lake


(or Lake Verbano), a lake in Italy and Switzerland, in the southern spurs of the Lepontine Alps, situated at an elevation of 194 m. The lake is located in a tectonic basin, surrounded by steep and high banks, and dammed up on the south by the moraine of an ancient glacier. Length, 62.5 km; width, up to 4.5 km; area, 212 sq km; and maximum depth, 372 m. The navigable Ticino River, a left tributary of the Po, flows through the lake. The level of the lake varies by approximately 4 m over the year, with the highest level occurring in June and July. Lake Maggiore does not freeze over. The leading economic activities are shipping, fishing (trout, perch), and tourism. There are numerous resorts along the banks, including Locarno and Ascona in Switzerland and Cannobio, Pallanza, Stresa, and Laveno in Italy. Water sports are popular.

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