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What does it mean when you dream about maggots?

Maggots are associated with death and decay. Maggots in a dream can thus represent anxiety about our own mortality. We also commonly refer to certain despicable people as maggots. (See also Decay).

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The maggot infestation, which can be seen in the video above, was reported by (http://www.
The most common association with maggots is disgust, and this 'yuck' factor is preventing us from benefiting from maggots' ability not only to clean and disinfect wounds, but also stimulate wound healing," she points out.
But the maggots keep coming back and the council just fob me off every time.
Veronica Nilson, 79, who lives on the ground floor, says she has to sweep maggots away from the hallway outside her apartment daily - but they keep coming back in their hundreds.
The actress tried to munch the maggots but was eventually turned off the idea - and a special effects team had to make the larvae out of marzipan.
Because patients will feel discomfort from the debridement process while maggots are in the wound, assessment and management of pain are needed while the maggots are in contact with the tissues.
The diner, who asked not to be named and has since put in an official complaint, said: "We got a table by the window and the food was nice but when we were halfway through the meal, maggots started falling on my head.
The maggots feed voraciously and grow at a tremendous rate until they progress to the mature adult fly stage and complete their life cycle.
Maggots and grubs are a part of what make up a protein-rich free-range chicken diet.
The couple were given the hazelnut chocolates by their son Manpreet Singh, who said yesterday that when he went in to complain, he found that other boxes were also infested with maggots.
Doctors who found his injured hand infested with maggots had assumed that it could not be saved and required amputation.
The use of maggots was well documented in the American Civil War, but fell out of favour due to the use of antibiotics in the mid-1950s.