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Magha (the Mighty One) is one of the Nakshatras (lunar mansions) of Vedic astrology. Often depicted as either a house or throne room, this Nakshatra is located at Leo 0° to 13°20’. This is considered an ideal time to do activities that necessitate someone being larger than normal, and people will tend to be more positive and big-hearted, yet arrogant and overly demanding at the same time in this period. Pitris, god of ancestors, presides, and Ketu rules over Magha.

—Pramela Thiagesan

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His essay on Magha offers a way to structure a plot-focused reading of the mahakavya as a corrective to how the poem's aesthetic design is often read (or misread).
Vijaya Bahu- lll (1222-1226 CE) took action to oust Magha when he invaded the Maya Rata.
We are responsible for the example we set--note how the Cakkavatti-sihanada Sutta sees shared effort in ethical action as uplifting society, and the story of Magha has him inspiring others to help improve the environment.
He resolves the problem by arguing that the year number is expressed in elapsed rather than correct years, making it possible to place the inscription in the month Magha of 1088 rather than 1089 of the Mahasakaraja Era.
The copyist says, "From the fifteenth chapter of the glorious Magha, this is Dinakara's commentary on the 35 interpolated verses that are devoted to both praise and blame [simultaneously], [added here] because they are not found in [Mallinatha's commentary] Sarvankasa.
Pausa, Magha, Phaguna Kyaldi Kyalmo Singa (December, January, February, March) 2.
The conventional order of the twenty-seven or twenty-eight lunar asterisms in Indic astrology is as follows: Agvini, Bharani, Krttikit, Rohini, Mrgagiras, Ardra, Punarvasu, Pusya, Aslesa, Magha, Purva or Purva-phalguni, Uttara or Uttara-phalguni, Hasta, Citra, Svati, Vigakha, Anuradha, Jyetha, Mula, Parva-asadha, Uttara-asadha, Sravana, Sravitha, Satabhisa or Satataraka, Parva-bhadrapada, Uttara-bhadrapaa Revati.
The Cola invasion of Kalinga Magha in which the Sinhalese Monarch Parakkamapandu (1051 to 1053 A.
After 7 days) On Thursday, the fifth of clear fortnight in the month of Magha of Nepal Sam.
Traditionally there are several model mahakavya s, including two by Kalidasa and one each by Bharavi, Magha, and Sriharsa.
Tenders are invited for Khusrupur Nagarnausa Path Ke Bara Hasanpur To Mansunpur Magha Tak
Nevada (US), Feb 13 (ANI): Hindus have sent early greetings to Buddhist communities worldwide for the upcoming Magha Puja day, which falls on February 18.