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2-propanediol 50 -24 2-propanol -- -- Carbamide 30-35 (-13)-(-7) Sodium acetate 63 -29 Potassium acetate -- 94 Sodium formate -- 13 Magnesium chloride 26 -46 Sodium chloride 23 (-22)*-(-9) Calcium chloride 29 (-43)-(-32) Calcium nitrate ~50 -49 Magnesium nitrate 40 -45 Mixture of calcium magnesium acetates 32.
To achieve the mentioned temperature the amount of magnesium nitrate in initial solution shall make about 40% (Hill, McCreary 2008).
Due to these and the earlier discussed reasons, calcium and magnesium nitrates are well known materials used for winter road maintenance in a cold period of the year.
carbamide with those nitrates or the mixture of carbamide, calcium, magnesium nitrates and calcium chloride, and, thus, to reduce a direct use of chlorides.
Saturated salts (lithium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, magnesium nitrate, sodium chloride and potassium chloride) were used to maintain relative humidity ranging from 11 to 82 % in the desiccators as stated by Ajibola (1989).