Magnetic Flux Linkage

Magnetic Flux Linkage


in electrical technology, the total magnetic flux Ψ linked with a particular circuit.

In essence, the magnetic flux linkage always has the same value as the flux in the integral definition:

ϕ = ∫ B̄ dS̄ = ψ

where is the magnetic induction vector and is the surface bounded by the circuit for which the magnetic flux linkage is being determined. The above statement is also valid for a multiturn inductance coil whose series-connected turns form a single circuit (Figure 1).

Figure 1

In this case, the total flux, or the flux linkage, is

where k= (1, …, w) numbers the turns with which the flux Φk is coupled. In the simplest case, for example, for a uniformly wound toroid, Ψ = w*Φ, where Φ is the flux through the transverse cross section of the magnetic circuit, or core.

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As the magnetic flux linkage of the imaginary contour in the salt solution is very difficult to measure, some simplifications have to be made.