Magnetic Gradiometer

Gradiometer, Magnetic


a magnetometer for measuring increases (gradients) of a component of magnetic field intensity in a given direction. (The principles of operation of magnetic gradiometers of various types are examined in the article MAGNETOMETER .) Magnetic gradiometers are used in research of the structure of the earth’s magnetosphere and of magnetic fields of other cosmic bodies, in prospecting for minerals (particularly in aeromagnetic surveying), in magnetic flaw detectors, and in measuring magnetic field gradients in synchrotrons and other charged particle accelerators.

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29 Ha Of Magnetic Gradiometer Survey (With Contingency For An Additional 5 Ha), 27.
In July, Aeroquest Airborne completed approximately 600 kilometers of Tri-Axial Magnetic Gradiometer airborne survey over Round Top Mountain and the surrounding area.
The navy ordnance exploration includes geophysics means "multibeam echosounder" (MBES), "side scan sonar" (SSS), "sub-bottom profiler (SBP) and" magnetic gradiometer "(MAG).
the "Company") (OTCQB:TRER), a heavy rare earths exploration, development and mining company, today reported that Aeroquest Airborne completed its Tri-Axial Magnetic Gradiometer airborne survey over Round Top Mountain, the Company's rare earth--beryllium-uranium project in southwest Texas.
Contract Awarded for Repair of magnetic gradiometer
CGG announced today that it has successfully completed a multi-client high-resolution airborne magnetic gradiometer survey in the Eagle Ford shale play, Texas, USA.
H) reports that a 1,700 line kilometre airborne magnetic gradiometer survey was completed last week at the Company's Boulder Lake Uranium Project in north-west Manitoba.
Geophysical results obtained from the recently completed helicopter borne airborne magnetic gradiometer survey (5500 line km @ 110 m line spacing) have been processed, interpreted and modeled with the result that a total of 10 potential 1st priority targets have been identified.
Otish Mountains: Additional work on the Otish Mountains project consisted of a 6900 line km fixed wing airborne magnetic gradiometer survey at a 100 m line spacing over selected areas in an attempt to define discrete magnetic targets for follow-up.
Fugro has been retained to complete an airborne magnetic gradiometer survey of the property.
Based on information from the fly-overs conducted by Goldak's Navaho aircraft equipped with a tri-maxial magnetic gradiometer, completed in April, May and June, exploration targets will be set for the next level of operations.
E[acute accent]Goldak's Navaho aircraft equipped with a trimaxial magnetic gradiometer is state of the art geophysical equipment and by flying low-level, hundreds of magnetic anomalies were reported to be identified to the Company.