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SNOOPER is the first micro version of the MAD (Magnetic Anomaly Detector).
As one of the oldest rotary wing platforms still in the fleet, the venerable SH-60B Seahawk still had numerous anti-submarine warfare capabilities--one of those being technology first developed during WWI, the Magnetic Anomaly Detector (MAD).
The new technique, called EMAD - Electro Magnetic Anomaly Detector - is seen as an effective new weapon for the UK building industry in the constant battle against reinforced concrete corrosion.
We reviewed the maintenance book and were told the reeling machine for the towed, magnetic anomaly detector (referred to as the MAD bird) had been replaced.
"Small unmanned platforms can carry many types of sensors - active and passive sonar, magnetic anomaly detectors, wake detection LIDAR, thermal sensors, laser-based optical sensors capable of piercing seawater and others.
10 June 1942: Formal testing of Magnetic Anomaly Detectors (MAD) begins.
The squadron played a considerable role in increasing the fleet's ASW capabilities with operational testing and evaluation of sonobuoys, towed magnetic anomaly detectors, improved sonar, advanced radar equipment and ASW mining techniques.