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Particularly, to improve the transient response and to reduce power consumption of a magnetic bearing, the permanent-magnetic-biased hybrid magnetic bearings (PMHMBs) are applied [1].
The first SST-600 steam turbine with magnetic bearings was developed in cooperation with the University of Zittau/Gorlitz and was officially handed over to the customer Vattenfall.
The magnetic bearings allow unlubricated operation with low friction loss.
S2M, based in Vernon, France, is a leading magnetic bearings manufacturer.
It has only one moving part, a shaft that turns on magnetic bearings that "levitate" the shaft, eliminating friction and wear and greatly reducing noise.
There is one "thank you" I still want to hear from an old department manager to three of his staff members that worked on a very complicated digital controller for magnetic bearings. I manage difficult projects all the time; it's my job.
Designed to reduce the need for segmented laminations in high-speed electric motors, generators and alternators, and increase motor speeds for magnetic bearings, the wide-width Hiperco 50 and 50-HS alloy strips are available in widths up to 12.5 in.
A total of USD $630,000 has been invested to install state of the art chilled water air conditioning systems with oil-free magnetic bearings and a variable frequency chiller for energy efficiency.
The core of the cooperation agreement is the high-speed technology with active magnetic bearings. The application of variable frequency electrical supply and advanced control technologies also plays an important role in the products.
Contract award notice: Supply, Assembly and commissioning of 2 high speed turbochargers of magnetic bearings; Adaptation, Assembly of the current galvanized steel manifold dn1200 with dn600 connection
Chillers using the variable speed oil free multiple centrifugal compressors with magnetic bearings offer a rated efficiency in the range of 0.33 to 0.37 kW/tonne (integrated part load value/IPLV).